Bible Study

Questions To Ask As You Study The Bible

  1. Since the ultimate goal of Bible Study is to know God better, what does this chapter tell me about God’s character and personality?
  2. Since God has given me the Bible to change my life, what needed corrections or adjustments in my habits or character come to mind as I explore this Chapter?
  3. In this chapter, what are:
    1. The key verses, the key phrases and the key words?
    2. The key points or principles and how do they work in my life?
  4. In this chapter, do I see any:
      1. Commands?
      2. Promises to claim?
      3. Standards to live by?
      4. Examples to learn from?
  5. What three to six word titles can I give to this chapter to help me remember its teaching?

Questions To Ask As You Begin To Study Each Book

  1. If I am already familiar with this book, which passages are my favourite parts of it?
  2. If this was the only book in the Bible I knew about or had access to, what things can I still find out about God and His love?
  3. As I scan this book, what types of Bible literature does it appear to contain? Is it poetry, historical or biographical narrative, teaching or sermons, laws or covenant agreements, parables, proverbs or prophecy?
  4. What appear to be the main divisions in this book?
  5. From what I understand about this book, who wrote it (and when), and for what original audience was it written to?
  6. From what I see in looking over this book, what can I say the author was trying to accomplish?
  7. Which chapter in this book can I say is the key chapter, the one that best summarizes or reflects or unlocks the meaning of the entire book?
  8. From what I see in looking over this book, what kinds of answers and guidelines and solutions in life can I reasonably expect to find in this book?
  9. What four-to-six word title can I give to this book, to best summarize its content and significance?
  10. If I ask God why He included this book in the Bible, what do I think His answer would be?