Does God Depend On Us

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Our action largely depends on our knowledge. If we don’t know we don’t care. Over the years I have had a fair share of different prayer meetings. There are some who always pray for God to move or perform a miracle when they are the miracle and move of God. There are others who command the Holy Spirit and angels to do their bidden and to save others. All these form of prayer is because of ignorance. But there are also those who are praying the right way and need to be commended.

It is easy to believe that we depend on God daily for all we need but would you believe it if you were told God depends on you. Really! Does God depend on us? Many brush this very important subject aside or belittle it but this is a big statement. God depends on you!


There are many examples in the Bible where God would do nothing except through a man. God gave the earth to mankind and needs permission to change anything or He will be violating His Word (Genesis 1:26-31). From then onwards God needed Noah to flood the earth (Genesis 6:5-22), He needed Moses to set the Israelites free (Exodus 3:1-20), and He needed Joshua to send the Israelites to the Promised Land (Joshua 1:1-18). In the New Testament, He needed Jesus to bring salvation to all of mankind, He needed Peter to bring salvation to the house of Cornelius, and He needed Paul to bring salvation to the gentiles. I can give several examples to buttress my point but what I want to bring to your attention is He needed man to bring any change of any kind to the earth.

God’s plan is to partner with man. I call it a joint partnership. The interesting thing is that God does all the work. How wonderful is that. As I heard a man of God says “If God wants to get all the Glory then He needs to do all the work”. This may sound sacastic but is the gospel truth. God wants all the glory and is happy to do all the work. That is why He has decided to reside in mankind. He no longer comes upon man and leaves after accomplishing a task; He stays within the man so He could do all the work through man.

Does God depend on us? I want you to ask yourself this question. Does God have the power to save the whole world? I’m sure your answer is yes. Why then hasn’t He done it yet? It is because He will be violating His Word if He does. That is why He has given such a big responsibility to you and I. Salvation of the world or even one person is dependent on you and me. Can God raise the dead or still part the sea? Of course He can but that still depends on you and me.

So does God depend on us? I’m sure you know the answer now. The omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient God depends so much on you to bring change in this world. Now you know how much God needs you. Don’t sit at home with folded arms waiting for someone or God to move because you are the move of God; you are the miracle waiting to burst out. God is in fact waiting on you to realise this truth and to take up your mantle. He wants to work through you.

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