Love Journey

I call this “love journey” because we are going to discuss from the book of beginnings (Genesis) to revelations some love memory verses that will change your perspective of how you see love. Love is God and God is love. He doesn’t try to love; that is His nature (who He is). And anyone who is with Him can love like Him because it always robs of from Him unto people through fellowship. This series may not be all inclusive but will touch on important love memory verses that will elevate you into another level in the faith or ministry. As you take time to read this, pray to God to fill you with His love – that unconditional love- so you could love like Him because that is what differentiate you from unbelievers.

Love (From the Old to the New Testament) by G. A. Turner

Love Memory Verse (1)

Love Memory Verse (2)

Love Memory Verse (3)– Lust replaced for love

Love Memory Verse (4)