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A man walked into my office many years ago, his wife got on the internet and thought she had found love. She got mystified, filed for divorce in no time and left the husband and two small children to live with a man that she has never met. He was broken for a whole week in his bedroom. Screaming and yelling at the walls. “Why God and how God. Why would you let this happen, how can you let this happen. My heart is broken you’ve got to bring her back. God how can you let this happen to me”.

Five long days of sleepless nights he screamed like a mad man in his bedroom. After five long days, the voice of the Almighty God came into his bedroom backed by the presence of an amazing God. And He said “Clarence, would you stop praying that way. You don’t have a problem”. He looked at the ceiling with rage and said “What is this. Is this some kind of a joke? What do you mean I don’t have a problem? I am holding divorce papers, my children don’t have a mother and my wife is in the arms of another man and you say I don’t have a problem.”

“Clarence you don’t have a problem. Your wife is in trouble, would you pray for her.”

He came running into my office crying so hard and my mind says here we go this is going to be tough because I’ve got to preach the gospel that I know. Then he looks at me and says pastor “I’m not crying for me anymore. I have heard from God. I don’t have a problem. God is bigger than what has happened. My wife is in trouble.” He begun to pray and intercede. After quite a long time she came back into town and they got connected and he told her I love you and I don’t see you as if you ever went away because I love you. They got reconnected and found out that she was pregnant; not for Clarence. And he said, life comes from God and if I have forgiving your sins I embrace you and what is in your belly because God is love.

Narrated by Dan Mohler

A life transforming true story of love that will change your life forever.

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