Why Ladies Don’t Want To Marry Pastors

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For my short life on this earth, I have experienced a lot and have learnt a lot. In today’s world where things are becoming sophisticated, marriages have joined that tangent. That is why there is a growing increase in divorce rates around the world. The sad part is that churches are recording similar rates as the world. It has also come to my attention that ladies of today do not want to marry men of God for some reasons that deem fit to them. Upon discussions with a few of them, I have been able to outline their top reasons to share with you.

Most of the men of God are not romantic. They argue that these men are always talking about scriptures and spiritual things without even addressing real matters of the world. That is interesting I will say because I think spiritual things are more real than the physical things we see but that is not how most ladies think. The Bible addresses everything be it physical or spiritual. The world’s description of romance has set into the churches and is now what some believers use as their yardstick. Being romantic is about caring and being there for the one you love. That is what the love of God that is in our hearts does in every believer.

Most men of God do not dress well. This maybe debatable depending on where you are. Frankly speaking, this is true in some parts of the world and I can admit that I am guilty at certain times. The argument here is not about being dirty but rather dressing to attract. Ladies are good at dressing to attract men but not God. I think that ones you think your dressing pleases God and you feel comfortable don’t worry about what people say. Anyone who rejects someone on this basis is not matured and does not deserve you because love looks far beyond that.

Men of God would not give them the attention they deserve. Everyone in this world seeks for love and attention. God created us out of love and placed that same nature in us. When you become born again, God’s love is imparted into your heart for others but more so for Himself. Ladies crave for attention more than men and do not want to share with anyone. Because men of God are mostly busy in the fields, they fear they may not get all the attention they deserve.

Men of God will let them suffer. This is mostly attributed to genuine men of God who are in the ministry for God and not for money or anything they will get. Most ladies think there is lack in such relationships because the man has nothing to offer. They would rather go out with an unbeliever who has houses and cars and can support them than with a man of God. As a matter of fact they don’t even know where God might even ask them to go if they marry a man of God. The Bible admonishes us not to love the world or anything in it. For if anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him (1 John 2:15). Everything in this world is temporal but spiritual things always live on.

Although all these may be genuine reasons, I believe none of these are good enough reasons not to want to marry a man of God. Marrying a man of God is the best privilege you can ever have and is the highest form of ministry for anybody. When the love of God floods your heart, you will never walk with these reasons. Walking in love (Agape) is the solution to many of the problems that are faced in relationships and even in marriages.

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  1. Meshach Amo-Sam says:

    This is very true of many ladies of today most especially those who call themselves Carrier Women. That least thing that could happen to them is to marry a Pastor. God have mercy.

  2. Cindy says:

    I believe just like pastors, the pastors wives should be called of God. It is a ministry just like the pastor. All these things listed in this article are things the Women of God would want from their husband. Some of the items like not being romantic… a man of God is more romantic in the right woman’s eyes.

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