Healed Through Love

This personal testimony will help you to understand love a little better. On campus I used to visit this lady I was helping in the faith so she could stand strong and walk therein by visiting and sharing the word with her. I went as usual to her room and was told by her room mates that she has been admitted at the university hospital. I called her the following day. Don’t know why I didn’t call the same day but I believe God knew exactly why. When I called her she said she hasn’t been picking calls but she did because of me. So what I did was to pray a simple prayer with her. Didn’t even know the effect of the prayer until I was informed she was back in school. I decided to pay her a visit and upon visiting I asked her what sent her to the hospital. I was amazed the answer she gave me. She said the doctor couldn’t find anything and asked her to go back to school and to eat to gain her strength. That happened through love. This love (Agape) is real and not a folktale. IT WORKS.

Author: ELI