Saved From An Accident

This is another testimony that will bless your life. I am giving this testimony on behalf of the one it truly concerns and in the way I was told. One day as I was praying, God opened my spiritual eyes and I saw an accident happening on the H1/N1 road in Ghana. In the vision, I saw something like a dark mist hit a Benz Troski (what people normally call 207) off the road. I prayed and sent the word to some people to pray. To me I thought it was going to be soon but it took several weeks to happen. Interestingly it happened to one of the very people I asked to pray.

I was tempted to ask God why? Because this is something I prayed against and ask people to pray against. I didn’t see the people in the car in the vision but why did it happen to one of the very people I asked to pray. God is a loving God so He revealed it to me. Do you know that as you pray for others you indirectly pray for yourself? The Bible says in Luke 6:38 that “….For with the same measure you use, it will be measured to you.” I found out that this friend of mine didn’t pray about it but just thought it couldn’t be her.

Some few weeks later she was involved in an accident on the same road and in the same bus I predicted. I was actually surprised when she told me but praise be to God she didn’t die; she lived to tell me the testimony. Although she got some few cuts and bruises, God saved her life and the family. This testimony is to encourage you to pray for others knowing that as you do you pray for yourself. This is a call to prayer!