Prophet Uebert Angel – I Went To Heaven

| November 14, 2013 | 5 Replies

Prophet Uebert Angel – I Went To Heaven is an interesting video of an experience Prophet Uebert Angel had. He experienced Heaven in a vision and is narrating what he saw. Heaven is real and hell is real. Don’t let people deceive you that everyone will go to heaven because heaven is for only righteous people. This message will inspire you to do more for the Kingdom of God and for the people you love. Don’t miss Heaven for anything in this world. Keep your eyes focused on the way and don’t let any other thing prevent you.

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  1. I respect and honour you man of God,Prophet Uebert Angel

  2. I honor the anointing and the grace that is upon upon you senior prophet. Much as we have believers and non-believers, we should not be surprised to have haters because hatred is from darkness. Keep on listening to God and ignore utterances of a man in Jesus name.

  3. Ephraim chiphumo says:


  4. Victor says:

    I just know one thing…. I like , i mean i love the Prophet. Whatever people say , i just can’t deny that one thing which i know. The Lord is your strength , Angel.

  5. Phimi says:

    Prophet Uerbet Angel its a privilege know him. I love and belive in Uerbet Angel he is a great gift to the body of Christ.Ubert Angel he is A true reflection of Jesus Christ

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