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From the beginning of creation everything produces after its kind. It is abnormal for a dog to give birth to a kitten or for a tiger to give birth to a puppy. In the same manner, anyone who gets born again is born of God. You are the child of the Most High God when you accepted Christ as your Lord and saviour. God is now your Father and His Spirit bears witness with your spirit that you are His child.

So when the devil comes and says to you, “Your grandfather died of cancer, your father died of cancer and you are going to die of cancer too, just like those before you,” just know in your heart that it is a lie from the pit of hell – your Father is in heaven and He doesn’t fall ill.

My beloved, when you are born of God, you are born a victor. Because your daddy is a winner, you are also a winner! When you wake up, say to yourself, “I am a victor, I am a winner, I win at everything I do.”

Anytime you say that you cannot afford something, you have forgotten who your father is – you have forgotten which family you belong to now. You have been born into a family that is rich and wealthy. Your Father owns the world. He owns the heavens and the earth and is well able to supply all your needs. If there are areas of lack in your life now, don’t worry, just ask God for supply and it will be provided for because He loves you.

When someone talks to you about a problem, you should say, “Don’t worry. Let’s talk to Daddy God about it. Nothing is impossible for him.”

My friend, even when all around you is going under, your Daddy God is still the same heavenly Father who kept Noah’s world afloat, his loved ones safe and sound, and his possessions intact. Your world will never go under because you are God’s beloved child!

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