The Cost Of Lustful Living

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We will try to discuss the cost of lustful living using Samson as the focus point or example. From the Bible we can all know that Samson grew up in an environment of faith with the blessing of the Lord upon his life. In Judges 13:25 we learn that the Spirit of the Lord began to move him to do extraordinary things. We have to note that the things he did had nothing to do with his body stature or muscles. In fact some theologians believe he was very slim, that was why people were baffled by what he did. This was why they were bent on finding the secret of his strength. I believe they would not have bothered if Samson had unusual muscles like some heavy weight champions.

One day Samson fell in love with a girl who caught his eye in the city of Philistine called Delilah. He returned home and demanded that his father negotiate with the girl’s father for the payment of a dowry for their marriage; a customary practice of their day. This was not only contrary to God’s law but was a strange step for the future deliverer of Israel. This may look abstract but bringing it to today, we as Christians sometimes fall in love with things of the world like cars, houses, work, and partners to the extent that we forget to fellowship with other believers or do according to the Word of God.

Now it seems Delilah pretended at first to joke with him, acting as if her desire to know the secret of Samson was just a game to gratify her curiosity. Samson did not know that there were Philistines hiding in an inner room waiting to pounce on him if she were successful. Samson responded by giving evasive answers thinking it was all a game.

In this we have a picture of a man playing with temptation. This happens in our lives today when we look at wrong thinks jokingly and ignore them or accommodate them. We compromise by thinking this is only for ones. I am drinking this alcohol only for today or I am fornicating only for today. But we eventually get trapped because the devil usually wins at this kind of game; he is good at trickery.

Delilah continued pestering him till he was so worn out he thought he would die. Samson because of love told her the entire truth. Samson lost his anointing and power because of his lust for the flesh or that which was contrary to God’s law for him.

You may be reading this and you feel the same way, you might have lost everything because of a decision you took but I want to tell you today that God is always ready and willing to hear your cry if you repent and seek Him with all your heart. As a matter of fact, He wants to restore all backsliders to His love and Grace.

In Samson’s case God showed Himself strong in his life even though he was powerless against the Philistines, so much that his end was greater than his beginning.

You might have gone off the path of life wandering on the road of destruction but God have his arms wide open to take you back and to show you how much He loves you. It is not too late to come back to Him. Your offence is not too big or greater than the precious blood of His Son Jesus Christ. If only you would acknowledge Him in your life and make Him Lord over your life. The cost of lustful living may be tragic but God is always merciful.

If you are willing to take this bold step and to say that “Lord I am sorry and I want you to be the Lord over my life”, click here. God Bless You.

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