Why Religion Has Failed

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Religion can be defined as a particular system of faith or worship where man tries all he can to please a supernatural being or deity with the intension of getting some rewards. “Why religion has failed” is an interesting title to give an article but I think this will help you in analysing whether to follow religion or a way of life. It is my prayer that you will be set free from the bondage of religion as you continue to read this article.

From the time of Jesus Christ until now, there has been violence from religious bodies who want to lord their religion over people. Man is a free moral agent and has always fought against dictatorship and authoritarianism. This has led to a lot of deaths from the inception of religion up until now. Judaism for instance has been in the fore front from the beginning. Acts Chapter 6-9 from the Bible is a clear example of the threat of religion. Religious people have been the cause of many problems in our world. They managed to kill Jesus the Christ because they didn’t understand Him. They saw Him to be strange. How can you tell us you are the Son of God when we all know where you were born and who your parents are?” they always told themselves. Even after seeing all the evidence after His death, they still tried to talk themselves out of it.

 Religion has killed great men, crushed great dreams, destroyed families and ruined nations. But people still follow religion because of the thirst in man to know God. Religion has to do with man trying to work their way to God thinking their good deeds could merit some form of reward in the long run. Many are with the impression that if their good outweighs their bad then the good Lord will permit them to spend eternity in His kingdom. Why will a God of perfection reward you just base on proportions? Is He not looking for perfect people anymore?

For the past centuries, many more people have died because of religion. This is profound in the so called Arabic countries where there is no mercy for you if you align yourself with another religion especially those said to be Christians. They cut people’s head like fowls thinking they are doing God a favour. People have done many atrocities in the name of religion and this have in turn affected the life of millions of people.

Instead of religion bringing unity (togetherness, oneness), it has rather brought about a lot of sectarianism. Instead of religion bringing love, it has rather brought a lot of hatred. There are companies who may never hire you when you align yourself with a certain religion. There are governments that will never come to power or vice versa because of their religious affiliations and there are children who will never be born to fulfil their destiny because of family religious disagreement. The search for peace has now been undermined because of religion.

Another reason why religion has failed is because of hypocrisy. Many leaders of these religions try to impress outwardly by doing things that seem right but in their heart and their homes, they are as black as coal. They try to be who they are not thinking it will never be made known but the same way pregnancy can never be hidden, their hidden traits will eventually come out. No matter how you clean a pig it will return to the mud unless you change that which makes it a pig – which is its heart. Until the heart of man is transformed no matter how nice he is or appears to be, he will eventually show his true colours.

Another reason why religion has failed is because God Himself is against religion. Anything that does not have God in it eventually comes down crumbling. God’s intention for man was not religion but a way of life which emanates from fellowship. Man’s negligence to understand this fact has brought about many misfortunes than blessings.

Is religion a problem in itself? What then is the solution to this problem that religion has caused? Answers to this and many more will be given in the upcoming articles.

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