You are Valuable To God

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…he calls his own sheep by name…( John 10:3)
Do you sometimes feel like you are just a face in a crowd or a number in a system? You are identified by your social security number. Even when you see the doctor, you are called by your queue number. If you feel depersonalised and dehumanised, that is exactly how the devil wants you to feel—that you do not matter much to anyone, especially to God.
But I want you to know that you matter to God! He knows you intimately. Not only does He know you but He calls you by your name. He knows what you are going through and feels your pain. He cares for you just like He did when He walked upon the surface of the earth.
Beloved, He will do for you what He did for Peter. Giving him satisfaction by making him a fisher of men. He will do what He did for the shunamite woman by meeting her very need and keeping her alive. He will do what He did for David by giving him victory from a smooth stone. He will do what He did for Cornelius by sending Peter to speak to him for his salvation.
In John 4, the Bible speaks of a woman who have had five husbands and the man she was presently living with was not her husband. Clearly, she was in a mess because things have been in a mess for her. She was probably looking for love and fulfilment, and must have felt ashamed about her numerous failed marriages.
In spite of all this, she mattered to God. Jesus needed to go to her to minister to her. Jesus used that path specifically for her. She was no longer ashamed, but was re-energised to become one of the town’s best evangelist.
My friend, in the same vein, Jesus came a long way from heaven just for you. You are valuable to God that is why He came to give you life and life more abundantly. You are not just a passer-by on earth. You are God’s most prised possession.

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